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Jekyll Island Wedding

Wow what a ride it has been!!

Most of all I would like to thank my wonderful wife Dianne for her support.

Also fellow DJ's Butch Halpin,John Hook,Chris Beachley,Curtis Carpenter

and a special thanks to my good friend Billy Scott

and my big sister JUD , short for Judy

and the Late "Leighton Grantham" a great friend and mentor!!

I grew up the youngest of 4 children in Hickory, N.C. , always there was music in the house be it radio or on the stereo.  So from Mom and Dad's music to the other siblings I had a chance to hear a lot.  This is the part I guess we would name "Big Sister's Radio.  And I do remember my first transistor, but most of all I remember the big black box GE that had this glowing gold dial like a old Ford speedometer. That was the one I picked up the likes of WLAC 1510 on the dial with the amazing "JOHN R" .  Big WAYS 61 in Charlotte was also a great influence. 

High School brought many memories and more music,  hearing the 1,000 Times I love you by The Platters and later meeting the lead voice on the recording Sonny Turner.  I think it was when I entered the Talent Show , I knew I wanted to MC or be a DJ.  Beach Trips and many 60 minutes trips to Charlotte to The Cellar introduced me to "Beach Music"  hearing the likes of The Catalinas, Billy Scott & The Georgia Propets, and The Embers.

When I was around 12 I got a tape recorder for Christmas,  it was a small reel to reel, but a great one that had great sound, I made shows and played like I had a radio station, it was a fun time!!

As the years progressed I collected music, Drifters,Tams,Motown, albumns 45,s whatever.  I made tapes gave them to people, even played free at friends parties.  This being later when I had moved south near Greenville,S.C.

While working in banking and of course knowing many people, they knew my love for music and my crazy personality.  Thats when the late Gershom Chan owner of a great Italian restaurant asked me to play for a new years eve party, he asked my fee, duhh !!!  Thus Jerry Peeler's DJ Service was created. i think I played for a 100.00 and my meal.  I played that gig for like 4 or 5 years in a row.

Later still working in banking and loving music , I had a customer who owned 3 radio stations, he was like a "Real Big Brother"  I called on him frequently to get business for the bank, but most of all to talk and learn about radio.  He grew up loving music and radio like I did.  So one day I asked him when he was going to put some"Carolina Beach Music " on one of the stations. Matt Phillips replied in his deep  voice "Well Jerry you do it"  It was like being hit head on by a car. What was I going to do, Thats when "Jerry Peeler's Myrtle Deach Days" was born a show that lasted some 5 years or so. Being on the radio can teach you a lot fast, you have to think fast, because when the songs ends and the light comes on  its showtime.  I was proud to have been nominated for the Carolina Beach Music Awards several times both as radio show and Mobile DJ. 

I have tried to come up with a top ten list of moments in my DJ/RADIO career that stand out.

1-- I think the number one would be meeting Bill Doggett, the man who brought us "Honky Tonk" his history has him with so many legendary muscians.

2-- While doing my beach show on one of the 3 stations, I was tapped to introduce and bring back the FM stations banner. This was the nite I wore a cowboy hat and introduced Johnny Paycheck,  I remember the nite because later we walked back on his bus and that was the nite OJ was in the white Bronco.

3-- Meeting Jerry Butler, this was at the This Magic Moment festival, when my special friend called me and my wife over .

4-- Talking with Bill Pinkney and Zeke Carey of The Drifters and The Flamingos.

5-- A sad moment when for the last time on stage I saw Marv Johnson have the stroke that took him to Rock n Roll heaven.

6-- Billy Scott and I actually went on Johnny Paychecks bus   "different time"  and ate some cake with him.

7-- Sitting between Clfford Curry and Bill Pinkney at Beach Music Day, later that year Bill passed away.

8-- Meeting and talking to  The Dixie Cups, they were very sweet to me, Altheia is Aaron Nevilles sister.

9-- Finally meeting and talking with "Willie Tee" and telling him how much his music meant to the Carolinas and him being so warm and friendly.

10-- When I DJ'd at the 2006 Beach Music Awards, I was playing between Donny & Susan Trexler and Big John & The Rhythm Brothers,  up came Dink Perry who was going to sing from tracks before the band started back up.  I asked what he was going to sing, with that big smile only he had he said "Lou Rawls of course" 

there are many more moments that are out there Im sure these just stand out right now..

Thanks for the good times and many more

we do sell smiles and memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today finds us doing more parties than ever, We have been to Jekyll Island to Asheville,Atlanta,Athens,Florence,Myrtle Beach, Hickory,Greenville,Spartanburg,Augusta and all places in between.

we now play music from any genre's and do corporate parties and many weddings each year and more every day.

Jerry Peeler




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